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5 important factors to consider before investing in a Home & Property

The unprecedented COVID-19 situation has brought unpredictable changes in our lives. And undoubtedly many of them have indeed long reaching conclusions . Having no specific solution or end brought to this yet, the only way to safeguard oneself and our loved ones is staying at home.

It’s true that we had never ever before spent so much of our specious life being isolated. And believe, this somewhere is making us realise the essence of owning a home. In addition to all the above mentioned things, the  restrictions on things, work from home has become the new norm and already several reports suggest this trend is here to stay. For sure, this pandemic has exposed us to a completely new aspect of our lives, of the living.

Therefore, if you are seeking to move into a more convenient and larger home or are looking to buy a new budget friendly and luxurious home. Below are few things you must check out before coming down to any conclusion:

Financial strength– 

Financial strength is the extremely important factor to consider before buying a property or home, or before hiring any realtor for the same purpose. Are you financially ready to make a home purchase? Have you considered all the financial obligations like a car loan, educational loan repayment, rent, equipment loan ? If yes, what is the budget month-on-month which you can invest in buying your dream home? So, those who are looking to invest in a property, or buy a new home.

its better examine your resources and make an outline of the entire budget. 

Structured Road-map  –

A project which must promote open spaces that constitute the play areas, lounge areas, walking tracks, landscaped garden, clubhouse, etc. Important amenities provided to all age groups. If you plan to invest into an under construction project. Then look for these details in the master plan and seek more details from the sales representative.

search for a project that has a well-structured layout, commencing enough space between two buildings and featuring wide internal roads. That means, you should go with a project that is well-equipped in every manner. Starting from interiors to exteriors.

It’s important to understand the overall area spread of the project. The number of building that will be coming up and their locations as well as provisions of the open spaces and aspects of lifestyle and wellness.

A developed township

At the time of  purchasing a home, it’s worth looking at projects that are built along the lines of an well-defined township. So these projects are well-planned and they will have lots of options to meet all your minimum necessities. More importantly, they will get on board the important stores, medical, ATM, clinics, food joints, temples. And other such social infrastructure to meet your daily conveniences.

Thus, during times like these when there is a restriction on movement. Having everything that you need to meet your basic requirement is advantageous. These also provide a safe place for your family with 24×7 security, controlled access, emergency helpline, etc. Further, these townships will have aspects that cater to your overall well being. Hence you will enjoy a better quality of life.

Professionalism at the top of anything –

we have a lot of Projects all across the city. Several new projects are under the way and all of them are professionally managed.

As far as the crises are concerned, this is highly advantageous for you to choose a professional as they can quickly mobilise resources and have a plan of action ready to tackle situations that may arise.

This means, a realtor with professionalism will have in place almost all the technology and services to manage the demand – allowing residents to raise requests to address issues, connect with other residents and track announcements. Having said that, we are always quick to implement necessary precautionary measures to ensure safety and cater to needs of its citizens despite any situation, whether its Covid-19 or something else.

Consult an experienced Realtor –

You can’t disagree that more than anything, it’s important to bag for a good and experienced realtor, specifically if you are thinking of booking an under construction house. This is because, an experienced and reputed realtor would never do anything which would eventually de-marginalized their business.

An experienced realtor, with a well organised business structure and having a good past record of delivering projects will be able to commence any situation or crises. So, make your choice wisely.

For more important details related to home, property and investments, feel free to connect with our gulzar investment professionals. You can connect with us using our website or email during the business hours. We would be happy to serve you.