Gulzar Investments

Commercial Projects

Although Gulzar investment is primarily known as a home developer, our portfolio includes several successful multi-tenant industrial and commercial real estate, including those headquartered in British Columbia. Increase.

We make our customers happy

Nothing beats the Gulzar investment Communities because of their craftsmanship, superior quality and lasting value. Hulzarinvestment is a well-established company in the real estate industry with over 29 years of experience in domestic and international development, building over 5,000 homes, shopping malls, office buildings and industrial complexes in British Columbia. Increase.

What they say about us:

We calm down very well and are almost ready to show it off as a show home. it’s great. Have you ever seen a plan for our house? What a house! I’m excited. I love the area and team of Gulzar investment, they always stop by, and we enjoy them being so close.